The Continuing Crisis

Canada's Haida Gwaii

The Safest Way To Transport Oil Is To Leave It Underground

Hannah Griffin writes:

Dear Ken Layne,

Below is a link to a photo I took on Canada’s Haida Gwaii last spring.
Haida Gwaii is a archipelago 8 hours from mainland Canada, and if the
Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline becomes a reality,
oil-filled tankers will be moving through their backyard. On countless
properties on Haida Gwaii are strongly worded signs like this one
communicating the distress the residents feel over this situation.

Thank you for your time,
Hannah Griffin

Thank you for the photograph, which is very timely today.


It’s Not “Green Energy” If It Destroys Wilderness

It seems impossible that anything could be marketed as “green” when it involves the destruction of 4,000 acres of endangered-species habitat and desert wilderness alongside a national park, but that’s how these sketchy solar companies play their game. These solar people have gotten a free pass for way too long. And the truth is that most of them don’t care about the environment—they care about selling the energy from solar projects that they place on public lands. So they squawk like a panelist on Fox News when actual environmentalists call them on their easy-money solar-bubble tactics.

Mark Butler, who just retired as superintendent of Joshua Tree National Park after a long career spent in the care of federal parklands, wrote one of the clearest denunciations of nature-wrecking solar factories we’ve seen in a big newspaper. He joined with another four retired superintendents of national parks in California to publicly oppose a massive energy factory planned for 4,000 acres surrounded by iconic western views and a five-minute walk from the Mojave National Preserve’s boundary. (more…)

You can't spell 'burning coal will mostly destroy Earth soon' without 'Cosmos.'

The New “Cosmos” TV Show: Burning Coal Imperils Our Civilization

The fuel-burning industry and its no-nothing chorus is so powerful in the United States that it’s “controversial” for a scientist to discuss science in a science program. So let’s give credit where due to the Fox teevee network and the “reboot” of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series, because new host Neil deGrasse Tyson went right ahead and described the burning of coal as a peril to our civilization. (more…)

Pick 'em up! (And don't buy them.)

San Francisco Gets Closer To Banning Plastic Water Bottles

“I want to remind people that not long ago, our world was not addicted to plastic water bottles,” he said. “Before (the 1990s), for centuries, everybody managed to stay hydrated.”

—San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu on his new law to stop sales of plastic bottles of water at city events. It’s a step toward getting rid of the damned things, as the city has already done with plastic grocery bags.

Photo by Kate Ter Haar.