What Makes People Want To Clean Up Their Beaches?

Don't feed me garbage.For reasons both biological and aesthetic, garbage on the beach should be removed. And the easiest way to encourage people to pick up some trash on their walk is to install Beach Cleanup Stations. I’ve seen these in the parking lots of some of Point Reyes National Seashore’s popular beaches and now I’ve heard from a group that makes them: All One Ocean, based in Marin County. And they’re having a benefit on Sunday afternoon in the town of Point Reyes Station. 

Thrown-away plastic is the worst, and it mostly comes from people on the land—not ships at sea. I’ve been picking up a handful of beach trash here and there for many years, but I’d bring back a lot more if one of these Beach Cleanup Stations was nearby.

There is something deeply satisfying about filling up a bag of cigarette butts, bottle caps, ziploc bags and ranch-dressing cups while on a solo beach walk. It helps shut off all the noise in your head, to just walk along the water’s edge with no grand thoughts, alert for the next bit of plastic junk reflected in the sunlight.

All One Ocean’s fundraiser is Sunday, April 6, at the Point Reyes Dance Palace. Art and music and other stuff, $20 at the door or do it electronically here.


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