It's spring, babies.

Five Real Vernal Equinox Celebrations

When is the Spring Equinox? For the northern hemisphere, it’s today! The North American East Coast is already in springtime, and the West Coast will be there by before the lunch hour ends. It’s also the start of the year for many cultures, what with the whole rebirth and flowering and bunnies and eggs business.

  • Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors, is one good way to start your spring. If you’re in Portland, Oregon, there’s a big Holi celebration called Rang Barse starting Saturday at the Washington County fairgrounds.
  • Gandalf and the rest of the druids have already done their thing at Stonehenge this morning, but it will still be rocking tonight! Maybe. Beware of Dementors.
  • It’s New Year’s Day in Iran! The festival of Nowruz (or Norooz) has begun. And in Los Angeles, with the second-largest Persian population outside of Iran, there are events all week long and into the weekend. These events are based on eating Persian food.
  • If you and your witches follow the Wiccan calendar, the vernal equinox is also Ostara.  If that sounds like “Easter,” it’s because it’s the same word! Christian Easter is a spring festival, too—Easter Sunday follows the first full moon after spring begins.
  • Passover is the Jewish festival of spring, beginning on the night of the full moon after vernal equinox.

Now you have something to talk about with your colleagues as you’re enjoying a nice Vernal Equinox walk today. As Mole said in The Wind in the Willows about trying to work on a nice spring day, “Hang spring cleaning.”

Photo of the Beirut Garden Show and Spring Festival by Luciana.