Wildflowers at Big Bend.

The Very Best … of the First Week of Greenfriar

And so we end our first week of Greenfriar. What happened? It’s hard to remember, because your editor hasn’t slept much since … when was I still working for my friends at Gawker? That could not possibly have been just a week ago today. But, it was, and here we are with a quick list of highlights from The Greenfriar Week That Was. 

Get outside and enjoy this almost-spring weekend, comrades! Fill your eyes with beauty and your belly with wine, or whatever you like, don’t follow any advice too closely. We’ll see you Monday morning, with the stuff you need to get through the week. Thanks very much for visiting. Please do make yourself at home, make yourself comfortable. Any thoughts, ideas, critiques, story and art pitches, advertising inquiries, get-rich-quick schemes and dirty sexts are always welcome. Leave ’em in the Facebook comments below, post ’em on Twitter, or email them to editor@greenfriar.com—next week, we’ll debut our weekly letters section!

All right, time to turn off the computer.

Photo of Big Bend National Park wildflowers by Patrick Denker.