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Joshua Tree Victory: Town Defeats Unwanted Retail Chain

Our fellow Greenfriars report from Joshua Tree, California, that David has indeed toppled Goliath. For two years, people in the tiny Mojave Desert village of Joshua Tree—the gateway to the iconic Joshua Tree National Park—have been fighting a giant corporate retail chain called “Dollar General.” Nobody wanted this WalMart-style low-wage retailer around, and the community actually got organized and fought it … and it looks like they’re winning.

“We are hearing from two sources that Judge Donald Alvarez has sided with Joshua Tree in the JTDBA’s lawsuit and has sent Dollar General’s building permit back to the County to be re-done,” the Defend Joshua Tree website just announced. Re-done how? With a very expensive environmental impact report now required. This is usually when these vulture retailers decide to cut their losses and get lost.

Sure enough, the ruling was handed down by Judge Donald Alvarez on Wednesday, according to the Hi-Desert Star. And it specifically mentions “urban decay” as a reason for overturning San Bernardino County’s conditional use permit for the site on Joshua Tree’s main street, Highway 62. Alvarez ruled in favor of the Joshua Tree Downtown Business Alliance, a group of local merchants.