Month: May 2012

Two other key factors in cultural change are leadership and social narrative. Leaders have enormous potential to change minds, and in the process they can change the course of history. And there is some evidence that Americans are ready for another story. Large majorities of Americans, when polled, express disenchantment with today’s lifestyles and offer support for values similar to those urged here.

Another way in which values are changed is through social movements. Social movements are about consciousness raising, and, if successful, they can help usher in a new consciousness—perhaps we are seeing its birth today. When it comes to issues of social justice, peace, and environment, the potential of faith communities is vast as well.

“America the Possible,” by James Gustave Speth

Orion Magazine, May/June 2012


Walking as Revolution: Take a daily walk in the morning. Pick up all the trash you can comfortably carry. Meditate in the shade of a juniper. Repeat for life.